Semenyih, Selangor


Michelle was a friendly and warm lady. She engaged our service through our Facebook Ads. What intrigued her to engage our service is that she had done several research on few company from Facebook, she found out that those renovation project that we’ve done previously and that makes her felt convince to engage our service. Her only concern is her budget. So we tried our best to minimise unnecessary cost to help fulfill her budget.

Design and concept:

She wanted to do a kitchen cabinet and a wardrobe that is contemporary and durable. So what we propose is that wooden and white lamination to complete the design.

Commencement of the renovation project:

The whole project took approximately 1 week to complete and the process was smooth and without any big hurdles.

Michelle was happy and most satisfied about the service that we’ve provided, and the quality of cabinet we produced with affordable prices. We love to see happy faces of our clients and provide the best quality and service for our clients.